Game Graphics

To date, most of our previous games were 2D. I am lucky to work with a very talented 2D concept artist. For our 3D games, we buy most of the artwork when starting out. To keep a consistent art style, we try to purchase from the same artist or graphics studio. The Unity asset store is a great resource. We use several other 3D asset stores as well. If the game grows, we plan to replace some of the characters with our own designs. In this case, we create a 2D concept and send to a 3D modeller to create, rig and animate the model. We use a number of terrain generation tools for the landscapes, skies and lighting. We also use a mixture of our own and some third-party particle systems for the game’s visual effects. The main thing with our approach is to maintain aesthetic consistency as much as possible.

As we are used to UI work, we plan to make this from scratch ourselves. More to come on the graphics soon.

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