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Pete here from Fierce Fun - Welcome of the very first blog post for Condition 24, our new shooter survival game. Hopefully, I will be posting on a regular basis about the game’s development. It is a really good writing exercise to maintain a developer diary and I hope you find it useful. The purpose of the diary is to give a glimpse into the creative process behind making a game….. well our process anyway. Fierce Fun is the studio making this game and we are small…. Just a few devs and artists right now. So as you can image, it is quite challenging making an ambitious game like this with a small team. To date, we have mainly made 2D games but we have made a lot of them and have good experience in general game development. One thing we have learned is the importance of player feedback so we will be looking for your opinion on a regular basis. We are setting up a small group of beta testers who will to test and play the game ahead of everyone else. If you like to be in that exclusive group, just sign up to our beta newsletter and we will send you the details. That’s for all now….see you soon!

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